Thursday, February 25, 2021

BMW iNEXT set standards for Future Technologies

Having smashed the BMW Group records for the sixth consecutive year, the German company the prestigious reveal preliminary details of the new strategy. According to the strategy that holds the title NUMBER ONE> NEXT, will determine the BMW, a leading provider in the world of high-end products and services in the field of movement of individuals, under the action which will lead to a change in the automotive sector. The BMW Group intends to stay motivating force driving forward the high-end means of individual mobility. With a clear focus on people and the environment around them, BMW Group aims to provide revolutionary solutions as they are responsible.

In the gallery’s annual press conference of the accounts, which took place in Munich on Wednesday, Harald Krueger, chairman of BMW AG, said: “Over the company’s history, which dates back to 100 years ago, has always proceeded the BMW Group to renew disbanded and re-invent itself. As long as the company pioneered the introduction of new technologies, the company painted landmarks change, in the automotive sector and in the world of mobility in general. Here we keep the standard that should be emulated by today and in the future through our strategy titled NUMBER ONE> NEXT. will move BMW group into a new era, the era turn the the means of individual mobility sector upside down in a permanent change. “

The BMW Group sees the changes sweeping the world navigate through digitization excellent opportunity to make a simple, safe and comfortable lives of more mobility, thus you earn entirely new categories of customers. The Group will focus in the coming years to increase the technical expertise, and expanding digital communication between people, cars and services, and the promotion of sustainable mobility.

So it would be the technological focus centered on achieving further ongoing developments in the field of electrical and fluid mobility and automated driving. It has already been proven BMW Group‘s worthiness as a leader and motivating force for creativity with the BMW i brand, which sold 50 thousand cars so far, as well as the latest version of the BMW category VII Summit and related smart.

BMW iNEXT symbol technical leadership

BMW Group‘s strategy to become a reality in the automotive world, Vstkhod the midst of the next decade through the new BMW i revolutionary initiative Sttertqa means of transporting high-end individuals to unprecedented levels. Under BMW iNEXT logo, put the BMW Group new forms of media leadership automated and communicative digital, along with a new generation of the means of electric-powered mobility, light weight and structure, and interior design pioneer, Vtda whole new standards in the field of customer experience.

Kruger said: “bode BMW iNEXT initiative by the new era of transportation means. And will show technical leadership code this way by which we will be able to integrate the future of mobility in commercial vehicles.” This strategy also highlights the role of BMW i Kmahvzh for innovation and technology leadership to the company’s mark. As the brand innovate leading technology and services, and posed later in the BMW Group.

BMW i the role of leading the development of hand has begun to emerge through the increase in technologies that rely on electricity in other models. Current hybrid cars rechargeable electricity became the third generation leader in the market from a technological standpoint. In the fourth generation, it will be expanded models working with electric power. And it has already started working on the fifth generation, which will bring more development in all fields development.

The transfer of the base technology for the models BMW iPerformance hybrid rechargeable electricity. As of 2016, the BMW Group will comprise seven models in its range, working either on electricity completely, like the BMW i3 model, or are working with a mixture of fuel engine and electric else, and in the framework of hybrid solutions rechargeable electricity. It is scheduled to be followed by other models in the coming years, including a hybrid car MINI rechargeable electricity. In addition, a car BMW i8 will be added to the open-top BMW i8 sports car hybrid rechargeable electric known great success. By the end of 2016, it will expand the group’s range of electric vehicles to include the BMW i3 model with a capacity larger battery and additional distance functioning.

And continue the BMW Group is also developing hydrogen fuel cell technology, it has reached the distance that you can overcome the current experimental car to 700 km. The company believes that a variety of payment systems will be available at the same time in the future, and this is reflected perfectly in the current cars of the BMW Group, which includes both traditional and alternative motor systems design, which ensures maximum flexibility in both development and production stages. Thanks to the advantages of production in large quantities, this becomes a very economical solution.

Project i 2.0 project ensures a leading role in the field of automated driving

Thanks to the substantial progress achieved by the BMW Group in the field of electric mobility and the means to project i, the BMW Group has established itself through a real pioneer in the field of sustainable means of mobility. Project i project of the company was allowed to acquire the necessary expertise in the field of electrical and fluid movement since the beginning of the road, and enabled at the same time to check it on an industrial scale. With the project project i 2.0, the BMW Group is pursuing a path no less ambitious than the automated driving hand and related entirely to the network. It is through the collection of potential opportunities provided by digitization, the BMW Group will consolidate its position as a leader in this technical area as well. The focus will be clearly on high-definition digital maps, sensors and technology, and cloud technology, artificial intelligence, any aspects that will ensure success in this category. Thanks to the investment in IT HERE, have already made sure of the BMW Group on the availability of high-definition maps.

In this context, Claus Frohlich, board member responsible for development says: “Our focus is clear and obvious, we are cementing site BMW Group as a leader technically in the market. Thanks to Project i 2.0, we will be at the forefront of automated driving technology. And we will turn research projects into new types industrial processes, Vntrah future technology on the roads. ”

Since the new BMW seventh class model put forward in October 2015 began testing the customer the following levels of innovation in the field of automated driving, touching a new quality means high mobility. Valtaraz new summit of the BMW Group is equipped with a separate two-channel and five radar sensors, which authorized stay within the walking path and maintain a safe distance from the car in front of him going, even when driving at speeds of up to 210 km / h on the highway. Even the BMW Category VII can lead itself into the garage touch of a button via the remote corner of Remote Control Parking Control feature. Thanks via gesture control feature hand-held communication overall, the BMW summit has become a standard model in terms of user interaction and communication.

In order to strengthen the leadership in the field Almatmh leadership, the BMW Group will transfer these technologies to other models in the coming years. And it will provide new sensors and software more powerful technology to make rapid progress in the field of automated driving, to form a BMW iNEXT thus a new standard model in this area.

Digitization facilitates movement on the lives of clients

Do not make the new technology only more comfortable driving, but document the link between the future and the means of movement and among all other areas of life. The communication is a prerequisite for achieving this vision, and in this area specifically sets standards ConnectedDrive system several years ago.

He says Frohlich: “In the future, will be designed every aspect of our products, from design to daily use control, in line more than ever with the needs of our customers. You will learn our technologies to anticipate the needs of our customers. It is through the conversion of data into intelligent, we will improve the quality of life in the mobile world “.

And leads BMW Connected system, the role of the personal companion to our customers, Vimayorm a wide range of information that serves their needs while on the go. The system recognizes more and more to the tracks and driving habits of the user’s favorite, Vindhir driver in advance about congestion or closed roads and suggests alternative methods.

I soon realized the BMW Group, which demonstrate the growing importance of other digital services, until it became certain products like DriveNow and ParkNow and ChargeNow important factors depends upon the success of the BMW Group in the future. The BMW Group will be announced on the next steps to improve these diverse services, enlarging its services to navigate quickly and continuously.

In addition to services developed by the BMW Group itself, the Group has also invested in a number of emerging companies promising and service providers across the BMW i Ventures, which Group authorizing determine prevailing in the area of ​​mobility around the world and responding to trends institution, and this basic feature due to the accelerated pace of development courses in the field of information technology compared to the world of cars.

The role of the traditional business will remain an important

New technologies will change the digital services and the current areas of work. But these changes will not occur suddenly, due to the long investment cycles that require large capital in the sector, and also due to the long-term life products. The BMW Group expects to get an accelerated pace of change, but it will stretch over a long period, and will evolve at a different pace from one area to another. It has already been fully reflected in the current designs cars of the BMW Group, which includes both traditional and alternative payment collections.

Among the examples of this internal combustion engine, which will remain a pivotal role for several years, so it will not slow down the BMW Group in its efforts conducive to the improvement of the effectiveness of the approved operations now will continue to improve the techniques used in this context. Under the Efficient Dynamics NEXT logo, work on the development of the current payment collection techniques the same determination to continue, in the context of and behind the ways to improve the efficiency of internal combustion engines permanent pursuit.

And explains Kruger said: “The secret of our success in the future is to follow a dual approach, since we have to manage our current business in an exemplary manner, as we continue to grow in a clear and targeted, in order to secure the investments needed to achieve success and areas, tomorrow and in the future.” He added: “We are working on shaping the future of mobility Bnevsna landmarks through a combination of operational excellence and the new ways of thinking within the same institution.”

New models for quotation BMW and BMW M

In terms of products, BMW Group continues to adopt a successful strategy for the categories of middle and senior high-end cars in the car category. Searta BMW has maintained the third category and the BMW fifth category, the various models derived from them, the leader in its class thanks to technical innovation, quality of eye-catching products, and attractive design.

After assume the lead in the high-end car segment for more than ten consecutive years, the BMW brand is preparing to consolidate its position on a sustainable basis in the finest of her car, that achieve the highest returns ratios. Kruger says: “We will expand our models with a car group BMW X7, and examine closely the additional possibilities that characterize this very attractive category.”

BMW M brand will seek also to continue the success story over forty years with its collection of beautiful and very desirable cars. Was the sign of the legendary M since it was founded in 1972, it pioneered the high-performance cars, as produced cars offers unmatched performance, accuracy and speed, and remarkable presence on the roads. Although the car’s legendary M1 (produced in 1978) car remain engraved in the memory, fascinates latest addition, a car BMW M2, now the people of the press and the public Bidinamtha superior and superior performance, enlarging product range BMW M in the category achieved strong growth currently. The group began planning to expand its range M more and more, and intends to expand its range of M Performance models strong within the categories that make up the largest numbers, and plans to take advantage of the potential growth of BMW M brand and profits.

It has started to become clear luxury cars landmarks, as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has embarked on a new test Heldha surround made of aluminum, which will become the basis for all future Rolls-Royce models. And this design is still in the early stage of development and, accordingly, will be available new generation of Rolls-Royce cars from early 2018.

Seeks Series BMW Motorcycle, based on its overall strategy, to maintain a profitable and sustainable growth in the coming years. The strategic goal of securing 200 thousand bicycle to customers in 2020. In the context of its new strategy, the company will contest the midst of BMW Motorrad motorcycles category with a capacity of less than 500 cubic centimeter engine with a motorcycle BMW G 310 R new.

BMW Group’s expansion goals of profitability

Basic Group’s focus on profitable growth and the constant search for efficiency remains. Despite the vast amount of investments in new technologies and expenses which are her specialty, along with rising meet the conditions of the regulatory bodies increasingly stringent costs, the BMW Group continues to bear in mind the margin of earnings before interest, taxes calculated ranges between 8 and 10% in the automotive category. Financial Services Department is still determined to achieve a return on equity exceeds 18%.

He says Friedrich Oaginer, board member responsible for finance: “For us, the strategy and profitability are two sides of the same coin. Vqotna Finance today is the foundation of our success tomorrow.”

In order to meet the other sections not automotive division right due to the growing importance and increasing its share of the revenue, it will offer the BMW Group additional performance indicators as of 2017. At the level of the group, the company developed in mind the margin of earnings before interest, taxes calculated at least 10%. The motorcycle section, select the margin of earnings before interest, taxes calculated by between 8 and 10%. These rates are valid until the year 2020 and through it.

Values ​​are an important factor for the success of the company

No point in developing a strategy in the absence of the right people to apply. Therefore, the BMW Group is convinced that technological development alone is not enough, and that the development of an adequate framework for the cultures of the company and the leadership necessary to draw a change to the world of mobility in the future landmarks.

He said Kruger, saying: “We must be able to act quickly in the digital world, and to be ready to take the risk. There is no way to achieve it, but put our trust in terms of our employees and their decisions. What may seem at first glance factor ‘secondary’ carries in fact a real economic value for a BMW.” .


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