Common Eyeliner Mistakes

Common Eyeliner Mistakes

There are some common eyeliner mistakes that many of us are guilty of making. Let’s find out!

As soon as we start with the eyeliner application, we stretch the corner of our eyes. Stretching the delicate skin of your eyes can lead to the formation of wrinkles. What you should do instead is apply the eyeliner with crisp and precise strokes.

We apply eyeliner the way we think it looks good. Not in the way it looks good on your particular eye shape. Keep your eye shape in mind while applying eyeliner.

Still think black is the only shade for your eyeliner? It is time to explore more. There are many more shades of eyeliner you can try. A great shade to start with is brown. Unlike black eyeliner, a brown shade will open up your eyes.

If you have dark circles, either conceal them before going for the smudged kohl look or don’t smudge it at all.

A One Stroke Application Trying to apply the eyeliner will only end up making it messy and thick. The right way to put it is to use small strokes with a firm hand. Starting from the inner corner of your eyes, move towards the outer corner using small and defined strokes.

If you think all eyeliner pencils are the same, a mistake, think again. A good quality eyeliner pencil will be smooth and glide on easily on your eyes. It will also last longer and won’t irritate the skin.