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CPISP scholars commended for their achievements

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Two recipients of the Crown Prince’s International Scholarships Programme (CPISP) were commended for their achievements. US Ambassador Steven Bondy welcomed Sheikh Ebrahim bin Ahmed Al-Khalifa and Mohamed J. Mohamed at the embassy premises in Manama. The students were accompanied by their parents and CPISP staff. Mr Bondy congratulated the students on their impressive academic achievements and extended his best wishes to their families as the students begin an exciting new chapter in their lives by pursuing further study in the US.

They are joining three other 2023 CPISP recipients who have already started their studies in the US – Mariam Ali, Faisal Alsewaidi and Hayat Edhrabooh.

Ambassador Bondy and the students discussed the benefits of US education, including a focus on critical thinking and world-class educational institutions. The envoy lauded the longstanding partnership between the United States and Bahrain in the field of education.

“The students participating in the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Programme are some of Bahrain’s greatest talents, and I feel certain they will go on to do great things in their respective fields while bringing the United States and Bahrain closer together,” said Mr Bondy.

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