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The DANAT Summer Internship Program is an opportunity to ignite careers during the summer

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The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT), in line with its dedication to fostering social responsibility, has officially announced the inauguration of its esteemed summer internship program for university students. This initiative is meticulously designed to not only support and empower Bahraini youth but also cultivate their capabilities and proficiencies. Moreover, it aims to acquaint them with the wide array of professional opportunities that exist within the domains closely associated with pearls and gemstones.

The program has been strategically tailored to cater specifically to students enrolled in science faculties across all universities in the Kingdom. It offers an invaluable opportunity for participants to gain practical expertise and professional skills in the domain of pearl examination. By shedding light on the operations conducted within gemological science laboratories, the program serves to familiarize and train students in the utilization of cutting-edge technology for analysis and diagnostic procedures of gemstones. This, in turn, enables them to determine the gemstones’ suitability for application in the jewelry industry.

Comprising a comprehensive array of seminars, workshops, and hands-on training sessions, the program encompasses an extensive curriculum. Participants will delve into the study of gemstone compositions, acquire the necessary skills for collecting data pertaining to pearl fisheries and their surrounding ecosystems, develop an understanding of the intricate processes involved in crafting exquisite jewelry, explore the intricacies of the jewelry and gemstone business sector, and engage in an in-depth examination of the latest trends in the pearl and gemstone industry. Additionally, participants will gain insights into navigating the challenges prevalent in this industry.

Summer Internship Program

As part of DANAT’s overarching initiatives to enrich expertise and proficiency in the realm of gemstones and jewelry, Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, CEO of DANAT, expounded upon the significance of this training program. Emphasizing the Institute’s commitment to bolstering the technical and professional aptitude of Bahraini youth within this field, she elucidated that the program aims to deliver top-tier practical training, enabling students to seamlessly transition into careers within the jewelry and gemstone industry. Moreover, she underscored the Institute’s dedication to furnishing suitable career opportunities for program participants, thereby fortifying their prospects for a prosperous future.

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“DANAT is dedicated to enhancing this year’s summer program by offering a variety of practical, cultural, and recreational courses. The primary goal is to support, develop, and nurture the potential of aspiring leaders in the pearl and gemstone industry. The summer program aims to strengthen the Institute’s involvement in all aspects of the pearl sector. This will be achieved by enhancing the capabilities of individuals, increasing awareness among students and society about the significance of pearl and gemstone sciences, and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of content related to pearls and jewelry. Additionally, the program seeks to inspire future generations by enlightening them about the scientific, applied, and engineering careers available in the pearl sector.” According to Mrs. Jamsheer.

This annual summer training is part of a broader series of programs that DANAT is enthusiastic about launching. Its primary objective is to inspire and motivate young individuals to venture into the dynamic field of pearls and gemstones. Through this training, DANAT aims to integrate participants into the Institute’s wide array of events, including programs, courses, and workshops. A specialized talent development team at the Institute takes the initiative to oversee the training of the students and actively assists them in accomplishing their educational goals.

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