Ragag Station is a restaurant located at Riffa Hajeeyat, serving a selection of Bahraini dishes that deliver across Nuwaidrat, Bu Kowarah and Al Bahair.

Ragag is a traditional homemade bread (Arabic Crispy), which is closer to a cracker or crepe, crispier than what we typically consider bread. But, similar to bread, it requires a great deal of dexterity in making it. A heavily hydrated ball of unleavened dough is slapped against a griddle and fanned out into a thin film, which is cooked until it turns crispy. It can be eaten plain or ramped up, with mahyahwah (anchovy sauce), eggs, cheese or honey and sweet Nutella chocolate. The key to a successful Ragag is in the texture – the crispier the better.

This bread can also be crumbled up and added into a meat or chicken stew, making a dish called Thread, the favorite across Saudi, Kuwait and UAE, thereby making it a revered specialty of the Gulf and the broader Middle East region.

The best selling dishes at Ragag Station are Nutella Banana Ragag, Cheese Kunafa, Saffron Cake and Chicken Fajita Sandwich, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Nutella & Lotus Ragag, Kunafa Special, Traditional Sweet and Sandwich and Burger.

Don’t miss special Ragag dishes as chicken Fajita and Ragag Beef steak with a special blend (Karak Tea). The visitors can also try Hot & Cold drink, special Juice , Ragag Sandwich, special Burger Falafel, home-made Kunafa, and Saffron Cake.

Ragag Chef Catering Package: Having a party! Bring a Ragag Chef  for your Special event. All ragag will be made fresh in front of your guests at your own private Ragag Station.

Ragag Station dishes are accessible for Home Delivery and through Carriage/Talabat/Hunger Station/Tauseel.

Open daily from 8:00am – 11:00pm.  For reservation and Catering services, call 17000169/34688860 & follow on Instagram/snapchat [email protected]