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Dubai Sports Council announces the Launch of the 2nd “Women Running Race”

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Dubai Sports Council (DSC) announced that the 2nd edition of “Women Running Race” will take place from 30th Sept. to 11th Nov. 2023 at the most eminent & famous tourist destinations in Dubai, and it comprises four various stages.

Participants in the Event will compete in three different distances; these are: 2.5 km, 5 km & 10 km.

Each participant will gain an innovative medal, which is composed of 4 separate medals. Each one of these separate medals contains the logo of the zone where the respective stage of the Race will take place. Once the various stages of the Race are completed, then the four separate medals will be assembled in one big medal, holding the name of Dubai with photos for the four areas.

The four zones, where the various stages of the Race will take place, are considered as distinctive tourist & sports destinations which are all preferable for families.

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In the 10 km Run, female participants are classified into five categories; these are: (12 to 17 years old) / (18 to 39 years old) / (40 to 49 years old) / (50 to 59 years old) / (60 to 99 years old). Participants in 5 km Run to participate in two categories: (12 to 17 years old) / (18 to 99 years old).

The 2.5 km Run’s contestants are classified into four categories: (5 – 9 years old) / (10 – 14 years old) / (15 – 17 years old) / (18 – 99 years old).

The first stage is scheduled Saturday 30th Sept. 2023 at EXPO City. The Run in this stage will start from 06:00 am to 08:30 am. Registration procedures can be completed through Hopa sports website: https://www.hopasports.com/en/event/dubai-women-running-challenge-2023-24-series-1-of-4.

The second stage will take place Sunday 8th Oct. 2023 at Al-Shindagha Historical District, and it is scheduled from 06:00 am to 08:30 am. Registration procedures to be completed through:https://www.hopasports.com/en/event/dubai-women-running-challenge-2023-24-series-2-of-4.

The third stage to be held on Saturday 14th Oct. 2023 from 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm at the Dubai Frame in Zaabeel Park. Registration can be completed through Hopa sports website: https://www.hopasports.com/en/event/dubai-women-running-challenge-2023-24-series-3-of-4.

The fourth stage will be organized Saturday 11th Nov. from 06:00 am to 08:30 am at the Love Lakes in Al-Marmoom Natural Reserve, and registration to be completed through Hopa sports website: https://www.hopasports.com/en/event/dubai-women-running-challenge-2023-24-series-4-of-4.

Female participants will contest unique challenge and spend memorable moments. They will pass through beautiful & attractive tourist zones in Dubai. The event also plays a vital role to boost community sport & support the internal sports tourism sector.

DSC will take all necessary measures to ensure safety of all participants and to confirm successful organizing of the event.

The organization of this Race is one of DSC’s new distinctive initiatives and will be added to the other annual competitive & community sports events, taking place in Dubai. It is an eminent addition to the various sports events in general & to the women sports events in particular.

DSC is keen to organize various annual sports events targeting all individuals of multi-nationalities in society. Several distinctive women sports events are organized by DSC throughout the year.

Women Running Race is part of DSC’s strategy to empower the role of women in society and to boost women’s sports & physical activities. DSC encourages women & girls of different physical abilities to contest this Race and enjoy new spectacular event.

This Race also aims to popularize the culture of the exercise of physical activities among women to help them enjoy healthy & active life, since sport is a source of happiness & positive energy.

Women’s sports events & competitions, organized by DSC, are held with participation of huge numbers of ladies of various ages & multi-nationalities and in full privacy that conforms to the UAE’s traditions & norms.

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