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Ebrahim K. Kanoo opens petrol station near King Fahd Causeway

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In a move aligned with the government’s call for increased private sector investment in national infrastructure, Ebrahim K. Kanoo (EKK) opened a state-of-the-art petrol station in Bahrain. The inauguration ceremony was attended by EKK Director, Ebrahim Mohammed Kanoo; EKK Director, Waleed Kanoo; EKK Director Fawaz Fuad Kanoo; EKK Senior Executive General Manager, Ismaeel Akbar; Nasser Kanoo; EKK Senior General Manager of Service, Michael Goode; Ziebart Bahrain Head of Operations, Jacob Stephen and other representatives.

Located near the King Fahd Causeway, the new station is strategically positioned to offer convenient access for both travelers and residents. Featuring eight working bays capable of serving up to 1,000 customers monthly, it is the first petrol station after the causeway that does not require detours. In addition to fuel, the station offers quick service options for Toyota and Lexus vehicles and professional car care and detailing services from Ziebart. Plans are also in place to add a cold store, pharmacy, and café, further enhancing convenience for visitors.

EKK Director, Ebrahim Mohammed Kanoo said: “This project is part of our broader vision of fostering sustainable growth and prosperity for Bahrain’s citizens and residents through private sector initiatives. Our aim is to bolster the sector’s role as a contributor to national development. This station will help support the local economy through the provision of essential services and job opportunities in the Kingdom. Its combination of modern facilities and innovative solutions will ensure that customers receive the best possible experience, making it a valuable addition to Bahrain’s service industry.”

A milestone in the company’s expansion, the station is aligned with Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 and several United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly in fostering economic growth, industry innovation, and creating sustainable communities by providing essential services in a convenient location and enhancing quality of life. In addition to incorporating several sustainable features in its design, EKK is also studying the possibility of adding alternative fuel options and electric charging solutions to the station in the future.

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Ziebart Bahrain Head of Operations, Jacob Stephen said: “With this new station, we are excited to extend our expertise in vehicle care to more customers in the Kingdom, ensuring their vehicles are not just fueled but fully protected and maintained to the best condition. We are committed to enhancing the automotive care landscape in Bahrain and look forward to contributing to the station’s success.”

EKK Senior General Manager of Service, Michael Goode said: “This addition comes in direct response to the evolving needs of our customers, as the station’s quick service options will ensure that we provide comprehensive service experience that addresses maintenance and care with efficiency. The integrated specialized service bays are designed specifically for Toyota and Lexus vehicles, ensuring that maintenance and repairs are carried out by certified experts who are familiar with the intricacies of these vehicles, guaranteeing the highest level of care and minimizing downtime for the owners.”

Kanoo Station operates with extended hours, open from 7am to 10pm on a daily basis, including Fridays.

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