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Education Ministry to launch textbooks on robotics for intermediate, secondary students

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Education Minister, Dr. Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi, has revealed that the curriculum sector has developed many textbooks for all educational levels.

These include textbooks on robotics skills, Raspberry Pi and digital electronics for secondary students, in addition to an introduction to robotics, robots, creative programming and digital electronics for intermediate students.

The books are part of the ongoing preparations for the new academic year, in light of the exceptional circumstances created by the novel Coronavirus.

Dr. Al-Nuami highlighted the tremendous efforts exerted by the Education Ministry to deliver educational services to the students, citing the uploading of a total of 9,340 lessons on 14 YouTube channels, and the preparation of 8,016 digital lessons, including 3,352 televised lessons, 324 audio ones and 402 ones for special education.

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He added that within the project to restructure the Education Ministry, a national framework for curricula that achieves national and global visions based on promoting Bahraini values and history has been prepared.

Two documents on literacy and numerical standards aimed at improving the students’ skills have also been prepared, which will reflect positively on the overall educational output, he said.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Education has developed a number of textbooks for primary, intermediate and secondary levels.

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