Small actions can lead to bigger or worse consequences! Remember, every small action counts and deciding to do something regularly may lead to something bigger, whether good or bad. This also includes conserving or wasting electricity!

Here are some useful tips that look simple, but have a great effect in saving energy and minimising your bill amount.

One of the easiest ways, which can be considered as the most important, is switching off the lights once leaving the room or the house – that includes switching off the TVs as well. Since many people have the habit of keeping the lights or the TV on while no one is in the room, this can lead to wasting too much energy and eventually have a direct effect on your electricity bill!

Also, try to avoid as much as possible using domestic appliances such as washing machines, iron and electric ovens during peak hours.

When you are done with using the PC, don’t forget to turn it off and allow it overcharge once fully charged. Another way of bringing down your electricity bill is to start using LED lights, instead of conventional light bulbs –  don’t forget that LED bulbs save up to 90% of the energy used!

Coming to refrigerators, avoid keeping the fridge near the cooker or by a wall exposed to direct sunlight. This will improve the fridge’s efficiency and prolong its working life. Other than that, there is a smart inverter compressor that can be used for the refrigerators that saves energy up to 36%!

Switch off water coolers during the night and whenever they are not in use. A timer can be used for this as well. Don’t forget that avoiding using the washing machine with less than its full capacity saves electricity as well.

Last but not least, painting walls and ceilings with light colors improves lighting and reduces the need for extra artificial lighting.

So you see, those are small simple steps, but the effect in implementing them can create a big difference. Choose wisely and be the change today to save the future.