First Mobile Personal Development Service

Zain Bahrain Introduces First Mobile Personal Development Service

Zain Bahrain Marketing Director, Roland Loetscher

Zain Bahrain, a telecoms innovator focused on enhancing customer experience, launched ‘From the Heart’, a first-of-its-kind therapeutic advice service through which customers receive exclusive text, audio and video clips from renowned Saudi psychiatrist, Dr. Tariq Al-Habeeb as part of their mobile packages.

Dr. Al-Habeeb is a renowned doctor whose advice covers a range of topics, including managing relationships with life partners, children and teenagers; sports; and self-development, among many others.

“Mobile services are no longer just about calls, or even surfing the net. Customers are increasingly demanding a digital lifestyle, which mobile telephony plays a major role in providing,” said Zain Bahrain Marketing Director, Roland Loetscher. “This partnership with Dr. Al-Habeeb, who can offer families valuable insight into issues of concern, especially during Ramadan, is yet another way of adding valuable content to the mobile services we provide.”

Dr. Al-Habeeb is a Saudi, UK and Ireland-trained Professor and Consultant Psychiatrist. He specializes in the treatment of psychological unrest, dealing with emotional pressure and the relationship between religion and psychological health.

To activate the service, customers can SMS 77667 with the number of the desired channels, which are from (1) to (8), at the cost of 500 fils per week per channel. Subscribers will receive one to three daily messages from the channels they choose.

Additional ‘From the Heart’ features offered through the service include ‘Stories from My Clinic’, poetry and prayers, including some English-language content.