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Fortifying Cyber Defenses for the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Mr. Yaqoob Al-Awadhi, CEO of NGN International, a leading IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company, has highlighted the urgent need to enhance cybersecurity measures for companies and institutions as they integrate AI applications. He emphasized the potential risks that could arise from AI implementations and stressed NGN’s commitment to ongoing discussions with partners and clients to ensure their readiness in addressing cybersecurity challenges.

NGN International is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in cybersecurity to provide unparalleled protection for its clients. Mr. Al-Awadhi further emphasized their commitment to leveraging AI applications to enhance cybersecurity measures, with a focus on identity verification services, preventing phishing attacks, behavior analysis, vulnerability management, and the creation of security policies. Additionally, NGN aims to utilize AI for determining optimal enterprise network designs and managing many devices with automated security updates to ensure robust protection against potential cyber threats.

As cyber-attack methods continue to progress, facilities are seeking proactive approaches to safeguard their data and technology systems. In response, AI has proven to be an essential tool for overcoming threats and providing extraordinary abilities to enhance cybersecurity measures. Mr. Al-Awadhi believes that while cybersecurity has traditionally relied on human input, we are witnessing a shift towards technology being better equipped than humans in performing specific tasks. AI has the potential to provide computers with the ability to respond similarly to the human brain, incorporating a variety of other technologies such as machine learning and deep learning, to provide enhanced capabilities for cybersecurity applications.

In conclusion, by leveraging AI technology, organizations can better safeguard their data and systems, while also enhancing their overall cybersecurity posture. The adoption of AI demands fortified cyber defenses, and it is essential for companies and institutions to integrate the best practices in the field of cybersecurity to address cybersecurity challenges.

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