• Short Films Tell the Story of Ramadan Blessings in a Family Setting
  • Special Campaign Inspires Charity and Service During the Holy Month
  • Car Manufacturer Aims to Share Something of Value with the Community

Hyundai will celebrate the spirit of the Holy Month this Ramadan, with a special series of short films that create a better understanding of religious and social values. The campaign concept is ‘Ramadan is the Month of Blessing, and Hyundai is the Brand of Giving’.

“We wanted to do something special for the community, and these productions are our way of looking at the true meaning of this time of year,” said Mike Song, Head of Hyundai Africa and Middle East Region. “Our customers have been very supportive of Hyundai in the region, and we hope our effort during Ramadan will give something worthwhile back to the community.”

The films form a trilogy built around the theme of Al Barakah, or ‘the blessing’. Each places Al Barakah in a different family setting. The first explores what the concept of Al Barakah means in a holistic sense, the second shows Al Barakah as a donation to those less fortunate than ourselves, and the third shows Al Barakah as a service to others.

Hyundai worked with some of the Middle East’s best creative talents to produce the films, which tell the story of Ramadan Blessings within a Saudi family, and the passing of social values between generations. In the story, the family drives a Hyundai as they share their blessings with others, but beyond that Hyundai insisted the films should not be promotional in any way.

To create something distinctive to the region, filming tool place in Saudi Arabia using a cast of local actors.

“The local creative team had the freedom to explore what Ramadan means to them and their own families, sharing memories, and weaving personal experiences into the story,” said Mike Song. “The result is very spiritual, and also universal in its message.”

“We wanted to reflect the unique cultural values of the GCC region, and more specifically the Saudi community, with something that is very natural and spontaneous in its feel, so that we could share the Ramadan spirit in real life.We hope the films will start conversations, within families and between friends, about what Al Barakah means to them.”

The first film in the trilogy will be available to view from 23 May.