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INJAZ Bahrain launches first mobile application

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INJAZ Bahrain has announced the launch of its first mobile application, the INJAZ Bahrain App. The application has been developed by K-Labs in collaboration with Inforise Computers, under the sponsorship of Al Salam Bank, will facilitate meaningful volunteering opportunities for the public domain as well as provide INJAZ Bahrain alumni with the chance to enroll in exclusive courses.

The newly launched application features registration sections for both volunteers and alumni. Once a profile is set up, volunteers seeking to join INJAZ Bahrain will be able to select among several programs available for Primary, Intermediate, Secondary and University levels. The App is introducing a reward system to recognize the volunteering hours contributed by volunteers towards program delivery. Volunteers will be able to avail exclusive offers as a token of recognition for their contribution towards youth development.

Beyond providing a list of programs to volunteer for, the INJAZ Bahrain application features an online store ‘Dukkan INJAZ’, where products and services are offered by INJAZ Bahrain alumni who have set up their entrepreneurial businesses after completing the flagship Company Program.

Commenting on the launch, Ms. Hana Sarwani, Executive Director of INJAZ Bahrain said, “We are excited to be launching our very first application. The idea of launching the INJAZ Bahrain application was conceived back in 2020 while the organization was on a quest to propelling the conventional style of education to transform into digital to support students during the COVID-19 outbreak. Today more than ever, we call out all volunteers to support and empower our youth, the leaders of tomorrow through registering for our upcoming programs. I would also take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the teams at Inforise and K-Labs for bringing this application concept to life.”

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The launch of the INJAZ Bahrain application is just another testament of the organization’s tireless effort in ensuring the continuity of its mission, which lies in harnessing the limitless potential of the Bahraini youth to prepare and inspire them to succeed in the global economy.

INJAZ Bahrain application is available now for both Android and IOS users.

To download the application:

IOS: https://apps.apple.com/bh/app/injaz-bahrain/id1532636663

Andorid: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.injaz.app

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