Keep your phone on the back seat!

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

The phone buzzes with that familiar tone while you are zipping by at 80 km/hr in your car. You pick it up to check who it is that wants to chat. But wait, is it that important? Especially when you’re driving? Could a random text message be more important that your life and that of those driving alongside you? Well honestly, no!

This week at Bahrain This Week, our topic of discussion is developing the habit of keeping your phone on the back seat or somewhere out of reach while driving. Here’s why..

When you answer a friend’s phone call in the middle of your favorite TV programme, are you able to concentrate on the programme even though it is running in front of your eyes? No. While you may have your eyes on the TV screen, your mind is occupied with interacting with your friend. It’s the same when you answer a call while driving. While your eyes may be on the road, your mind is busy concentrating on your conversation. And that is what can cost you your life, or worse, can cost you someone else’s life.

We live in an age where it’s compulsory to be connected. It’s hard to resist seeing a message or answering the phone immediately. Help yourself (and others on the road) by keeping your phone on the back seat so you just cannot reach it when it rings.

If it is a call that you absolutely cannot miss, park in a lay-by and then talk. In case there is no chance for that, surely your phone registers missed calls. You can always call back from a lay-by or once you reach your destination at your convenience.

When the phone rings while you drive, let it ring. Trust us; it won’t make a difference to your precious life.