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‘KHCB’ honours a New Batch of its Outstanding Employees with ‘STARS’ Program

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Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of the leading Islamic banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has recently honoured a new batch of its outstanding employees within the Bank’s Staff Appreciation and Recognition Scheme (STARS). This was done as a token of recognition and appreciation for their exceptional contributions, outstanding efforts in serving the Bank’s clients, and their keenness to improve their job performance.

Among the honoured employees were Mr. Isa Abdullah Isa from the Administration Department, who won the Award for Outstanding Customer Service. Then, there were Mr. Hamad Abdulrahman Al Kooheji from the VIP Banking Department and Mr. Hussain Mohammed Zainal from the Financial Control Department, who both won the Award for Outstanding Liabilities Booking. Additionally, there was Mr. Pranaw Kumar Pathak from the Information Technology Department, who won the Award for Innovation and Process Development. Finally, the Outstanding Team Award was given to the KHCB Hidd Branch Team, consisting of Mr. Mohammed Abdulnasser Janahi Al Abbasi, Ms. Aysha Khalil Al Hiddi, Mr. Hussain Yunis Salman, Ms. Marwa Yusuf Al Mulla, Ms. Sabika Isa Sohwaiter, and Mr. Anas Ebrahim Al Balooshi, in addition to Mr. Ahmed Fuad Al Muharraqi from the Information Technology Department.

On this occasion, KHCB CEO Mr. Sattam Sulaiman Algosaibi stated “We take this opportunity to congratulate winners of the STARS Program, through which we are keen to continue honouring a new group of qualified human cadres in the various departments and branches of the Bank. We appreciate the innovative initiatives and remarkable efforts taken by our employees of different specialisations in order to achieve the Bank’s objectives towards maintaining its leading position among Islamic banks in the Kingdom, and we look forward to more devotion and distinguished achievements by all our creative human cadres in various fields.”

Mr. Algosaibi further added “At KHCB, we firmly believe in the significance of honouring and appreciating the dedication and exceptional efforts of our dear employees, as this constitutes a great incentive for them to continue their more sincere endeavours and devotion to work. This also contributes to the Bank’s efforts to adopt the best banking practices in the local market and offer the finest financial solutions and banking services that meet the aspirations of our valued clients.”

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