Land Survey

Cadastral Survey Services, provided by the Survey & Land Registration Bureau (SLRB), allow users to apply for land surveys, enquire about their application statuses, and pay any required fees online. They also let Private survey companies apply for new or transferred applications and enquire about open ones.

Explained simply, land surveys help land owners measure the boundaries and features of any piece of land. However, the process can be time-consuming. Therefore, the iGA, in collaboration with the SLRB, had developed a range of online services to ease the burden. These services streamline the application and status tracking process, allowing users to respond to different statuses with suitable actions at every step. They also offer an option for users to have their land certificates delivered by post. All the requirements, including the necessary documents and fees, have lists in a clear service guide. Ensuring that the entire process is carried out without any delays or obstacles.

To use these services, simply visit National Portal,, choose ‘Cadastral Survey Services’ and select Land Survey Request.

For more information, please contact the 80008001