Friday, October 22, 2021

    Monsterwiches for the Fast-food Lovers

    Monsterwiches, A new hub for fast-food lovers in the Kingdom opened on the 5th of March, 2019 in West Riffa. The restaurant is a burger joint which specializes in sandwiches and American style burgers.

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    The Menu is designed by the owner of Monsterwiches burger joint reflecting the authenticity of the items. The specialities include a wide range of sandwiches and huge monstrous burgers.

    The top three popular items from the main course are Giant Quesadillas cheese burger, Mushroom Beef burger and Creamy beef/chicken burgers.

    The top 3 favourites from the appetizers are French toast Sausage roll, cheese sticks and Cheesy fries. Their chocolate marshmallow wrap is much in demand for those with a sweet tooth.

    Giant Quesadilla cheese burger is a ‘Must try’ one at the Monsterwiches and is frequented by nationals and expats alike. Monsterwiches can be received as home delivery and can be contacted at + 973 34356920.

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