Bahrain This Week explored the Hard Rock Cafe located on Exhibition Road and found out that this fancy looking cafe has lots to offer. It was founded in 1971 and since then its combination of good, honest food coupled with rock memorabilia and great music has seen the brand expand across the world.

Our Chef from Hard Rock Café, Abusalyh Muhammad gives us a quick cooking class on the dish of the week- the Legendary Burger! Sounds good… mmm!

Let’s note down the ingredients-
Beef burger     8 oz. 1 each
HRC Seasoning Salt 1tsp (1/2tsp per side)
Hamburger Bun 1 each toasted
Cheddar cheese sliced 2 slices
Beef bacon 2 slices (warm)
Onion rings (breading) deep fried
Iceberg lettuce leaf 2 leaf
Tomato (sliced) 3/8″
French fries 6 oz.
Special sauce 2 oz.