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Oasis Mall Bahrain Launches Family Centric Festivities

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Oasis Mall is synonymous with convenient shopping in the city. It’s accessible and is located in Muharraq and East Riffa. Oasis Malls offers Bahrain residents and visitors an engaging experience in a convenient, shopping-friendly environment.

With shopping spread across 3 levels, Oasis Mall encompasses a wide selection of global brands and categories in a compact, shopping-focused format offering outstanding value for money.

The mall features diverse global anchor stores for fashion and footwear for children and adults, interiors, beauty, health and wellness, food and beverage (restaurants and cafes) entertainment, fitness and Kids entertainment.

Oasis Malls offers a series of events and activities that reflect the spirit of the multicultural communities of Bahrain. Oasis also organizes throughout the year promotional campaigns aiming at rewarding shoppers with unmatched deals and offers in town.

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The spirit of giving and family centric festivities will be highlighted this Ramadan at Oasis Mall Bahrain:

  • Clothes for compassion’ The drive aims to support Al Sanabel Orphans Care Society. The society will donate clothes/ Shoes/ Toys in support of the people of Bahrain, Somalia, Syria and Iraq.
  • Relives Bahrain’s traditional ‘Local Bazaar’
  • The Ramadan activity and festivities stations offer: Ramadan Tent, Henna Painting, Kids stations with art and crafts, pot painting and flacon display, Dates & Ghawa

Clothes for Compassion: With a mall that continues to initiate campaigns that connect closely with community members, ‘Clothes for Compassion’ is another drive that engages good Samaritans. The drive will last a full month until the 24th of June encouraging donors to make their contributions during the holy month of Ramadan at a designated collection point within the malls, Post which the donations will be delivered to Al Sanabel Orphans Care Society for final distribution to the beneficiaries.

Oasis Malls have created Clothes for Compassion bags which will be given out to customers shopping at any of the Al Rashid Group outlets present in the malls. These bags are for donating old or new clothes/ shoes/ books/ toys. Once filled with the donated items the customers can drop off these bags at a designated point in the any of the 3 malls. Oasis Malls also tied up with the top English and Arabic Newspapers in the kingdom, to distribute these bags with their daily newspapers and have a wider outreach for the campaign.

Ramadan Activities: Oasis Mall Bahrain is hosting various activity stations: The Ramadan Activities –with traditional activities and entertainment and Local Ramadan Bazar – Promoting the local Bahraini in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development. The Ramadan activities located on the Second Floor of Oasis Mall East Riffa and First floor of Oasis Mall Muharraq will feature traditional activities and entertainment such as a Falcon Display, Henna painting, Pot Painting etc. set up the Arabic tent & Ghawah and Dates distribution will take place in a Cart moving across the mall. Timings for this activity is every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:00pm – midnight. Additionally, the Local Arabic Bazar every weekend from 9:00pm- Midnight.

“To celebrate the traditions and customs associated with the Holy month, Oasis Malls Bahrain is hosting the Ramadan activities. It strengthens the values of generosity and solidarity associated with Ramadan. We are grateful for the support of Al Sanabel orphan care society. As part of Oasis Mall Bahrain to create great moments for everyone, the shopping destination will feature traditional entertainment to complement the new décor giving the mall a perfect Ramadan ambience. We hope visitors of all ages will come to Oasis Mall Bahrain to celebrate in togetherness and to give generously to those in need,” said Ivan Styk, Territory Head, Al Rashid Group Bahrain.

The mall hours will extend until 12am for the first 10 days and until 1am until the end of the Holy month of Ramadan. In addition, Ramadan-themed decorations will adorn the mall to add to the festive mood. Multiple offers and discounts are being extended from our brand stores during Ramadan.

Key retailers:

Category Brands
Home Home Centre,  Home Box, Centrepoint (Lifestyle)
Fashion Centrepoint (Splash),(Max, Koton, New Look, Yours London
Footwear Centrepoint (Shoemart), Shoe Express
Beauty/Salon/Health Trimmers Salon, Boots Pharmacy
Children Centrepoint (Mothercare)
               Food & beverage      Starbucks, McDonalds, Food Court, Jasmis,                         Marash
               Entertainment/Fitness/Arts:                Fun City, Fitness First,
             Books/Gifts:    Dollar Store


About Al Rashid Group

Founded in 1973 in Bahrain, Al Rashid Group a division of Landmark Group has completed 43 years of growth and prosperity and has successfully grown into one of the largest and most successful retail organizations in Bahrain. Al Rashid Group operates over 90 outlets across the Island which includes a host of home grown brands in addition to international franchise offerings. These brands have evolved to become the preferred choice for consumers and are category leaders like Centrepoint, Homecentre, Max, Splash, Mothercare.

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