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Oasis Mall Juffair & Oasis Mall Riffa awarded Health promoting Malls

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Oasis Mall Juffair & Oasis Mall Riffa have been awarded the prestigious “Health Promoting Mall Award” by the Ministry of Health. The award has been bestowed on both these malls on the basis of outstanding efforts placed towards creating a healthy environment for our employees & visitors.

The ‘Healthy Mall’ programme launched by the Ministry of Health aims to create healthy environments inside shopping malls. The Ministry of Health outlined a list of Eight criteria for malls to reach in order to award Health promoting malls.

The criteria included the following: –

  1. Opening the Mall at least an hour before the official working hours to allow the opportunity for visitors to do walking.
  2. Implementation of the “Law No. 8 of 2009 for nonsmoking and fighting of all tobacco kinds ” in the Mall.
  3. Application of health requirements in the restaurants of the mall and provide healthy options in the menus.
  4. Implementing two healthy activities per year, one in collaboration with the Health Promotion Directorate.
  5. Provide a suitable place for breastfeeding.
  6. Provide designated containers for recycling and / or provide eco-friendly bags at the shops.
  7. Training security staff on first aid.
  8. Promote the project through the social media of the Mall.

The above criteria was set by Health Promotion Directorate which is a part of the Ministry of Health. These were met by Oasis Mall Juffair & Oasis Mall Riffa across the year. The Oasis Mall – Health & Safety Department had set its objective to achieve this certification in the past year. The mall management believes that the mall is a part of the social fabric of Bahrain and holds the responsibility of keeping its customers healthy and happy.

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