Look into these before your wedding day:

List down all  your asset you want to flaunt.

main.original.640x0cStart with your hair. Too frizzy? Or you need to grow it to a certain length before your wedding? This assessment will give you the time to select your styles of the day and work towards them. If you have dry hair, then start treating your hair now. Want to try short fringe but dread that they will turn out bad? Take this time to experiment and improvise.

Next, your skin. Do you have acne? Enlarged pores? If you have too much on your hands in preparing for your wedding, it is good to take a break and pamper yourself. If you want to go for something major like microdermabrasion, do it now rather than 1 week before the wedding as you can have post peeling and redness.

landscape-1445901186-g-skin-75941232Look at your skin condition on other parts of your body. Do you have back acne? Or dry skin on your neck and cleavage area? Looking after them now will ensure they look picture perfect later.

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