This week at Bahrain This Week, we will be discussing the importance of the Yellow Box! I’m pretty sure that we all are aware of what the yellow box signifies but some of us don’t really adhere to it. Let’s give you a glimpse.

Would you like your way to be blocked when you have the right of way and a green light ahead? Of course not. Then why should you give this treatment to other drivers? Even if there is green light ahead, if you notice that the traffic jam ahead has resulted in the vehicles being unable to clear the intersection, why should you be selfish and join that queue of vehicles blocking the intersection instead of letting the intersection become clear of any such blockage? You must understand that a ‘Yellow Box’ at a traffic crossing is the consequence of a phenomenal rise in the number of vehicles on Bahrain roads which are no longer geared to accommodate their volume in the busy areas of the city, especially during peak hours. And it is every driver’s responsibility to ensure that the traffic moves smoothly in such a situation. ‘Yellow Boxes’ have been created to ease this situation. So do not be so selfish as to defeat the purpose of ‘Yellow Boxes’.