Sir Syed Education and Cultural Society hosts Poetry session


Bahrain— Urdu / Hindi poetry stood tall with all its glory, majesty and melody during a international Mushaira and Kavi Samelan (Poetry session) organized by Sir Syed Education and Cultural Society, Bahrain at the Cultural Hall Thursday evening, It was a fine fusion of romance and inspiration in poetic form that took the audience to a unique height of fancy, metaphors and similes.

The stage was set for an enthralling evening with renowned names from the field of Urdu / Hindi literature and poetry such as legend Poets Dr. Rahat Indori , Dr Kumar Vishwas , Dr. Asim Wasti, Iqbal Ashhar , Saba Balrampuri, Dr. Nadeem Shaad, Syed Sarosh Aasif, Faizi Azmi and Kapil Batra.

After lighting the Shama (traditional lamp), the Mushaira Convenor Nadeem Ahmed introduced the participating poets to the audience. Lulu Hypermarket Regional Director and Board member Mr. Juzer Rupawala was guest of honor.

Famous Urdu poet Rahat Indori kept the audience in awe and excitement as they marveled at the insight and literary dexterity of the legendary poet.

The packed Cultural Hall auditorium reverberated with thunderous applause and traditional wah wahs (expressions of approval & encouragement ) for the poets’ presentations on stage.

Star of the evening, famous poet of Hindi language, Kumar Vishwas was able to touch the emotional chord of the audience through his verses on social life and issues of the expatriate community. He emphasised through his poetry one liners that such events go a long way in uniting cultures.

It was an extraordinary evening that the residents of Bahrain were enthralled with. An experience that took them through time and space to a world that they find an emotional link with. And they responded with emotions of awe and love. An event definitely worth every precious moment.