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LMRA details effective implementation of regulations.

Bahraini businesses have shown an unwavering compliance with regulations in 2023, with a 94.7 per cent compliance rate achieved amidst intensifying inspection efforts by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA).

LMRA significantly amplified its inspection efforts in 2023, conducting 47,023 inspection visits and campaigns. As per statistics,  4,232 irregular workers were identified, and legal measures were taken accordingly, while 5,477 individuals went through legal proceedings leading to deportation.

These figures underline the success of proactive measures to regulate and develop the kingdom’s labour market, fostering a stable, competitive, and productive environment for all.

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LMRA chief executive Nibras Talib, said the LMRA aims at the effective implementation of the government’s directives and the National Labour Market Plan 2023-2026.

“The LMRA has intensified its efforts to regulate and develop the labour market to maintain its fundamental elements of flexibility, justice, competitiveness and raising the level of productivity, thus contributing to ensuring the economic growth of the kingdom and enhancing economic competitiveness,'” said the chief.

This dedication yielded numerous positive outcomes, including fair and equitable market and improved working conditions.

“Robust enforcement ensures a level playing field for all businesses, protecting healthy competition, and safeguarding the rights of working parties, explained an LMRA statement.

“Increased inspections guarantee adherence to labour laws and regulations, promoting a safe and dignified work environment,” it added.

The LMRA team expressed its heartfelt thanks to compliant businesses and all government agencies contributing to these achievements, particularly the  Interior Ministry represented by the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA), General Directorate of Crime Detection and Forensic Evidence, the Sentence Enforcement Directorate and the Police Directorates, Labour Ministry, Industry and Commerce Ministry, among many others.

The combined effort resulted in reduced irregular workers and effective law enforcement,  said  LMRA deputy chief executive Noora Isa Mubarak.

Ms Mubarak stressed the keenness to continue efforts to regulate the labour market, noting that the authority carried out 47,023 inspection campaigns and visits last year, consisting of 46,242 inspection visits, in addition to a rise in joint inspection campaigns by reaching 781 campaigns.

“The LMRA acknowledges the invaluable role of community involvement in upholding a fair and just labour market,” she said.

“Building on this momentum, the LMRA remains committed to its mission of fostering a thriving and responsible labour market. By prioritising compliance, collaboration, and continuous improvement, Bahrain can unlock its full potential as a hub for sustainable economic growth and prosperity.” She called upon all members of the community to report any complaints related to labour market violations and illegal practices by filling out the electronic form available on the official website www.lmra.gov.bh, or by calling the authority’s call center 17506055, or through the National Suggestions and Complaints System (Tawasul).

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