Friday, November 26, 2021

    Production Porsche Mission E – Geneva motor show

    The Porsche Mission E will be very like the show car, promised Porsche CEO Oliver Blume. “The external design will be very similar. We have to fulfill certain conditions and change some things.” So it won’t have clap-hands doors? “That’s a hard problem, but our idea is to do something very close.”

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    And the awesome performance and range figures of the concept are targets for the production car. “It’s not easy but we will do 500km range and a 15-minute charge. We have the technical ability to do it, the hard part is doing it on a whole vehicle.”

    “And it’s important to transfer all the driving emotion of a Porsche to the electric vehicle,” he says. “We can’t do an electric vehicle that’s branded Porsche if it doesn’t fulfill what a customer expects from a Porsche. You can drive the 918 Spyder in EV mode, and that’s how it will be to drive the Mission E. It transfers what we learn from motorsport.”

    One bump in the road is charging stations. He acknowledges that to hit the 15-minute charge, there would need to be 800-volt 150kW chargers, and there’s no network of them.

    “It’s important we have a solution to that. We need standards. We’re in contact with Governments and other manufacturers. We now need to invest in a charging network in Europe, the US and China.” Doesn’t sound like a network will be available at the car’s launch, but it can also use more common lower-power chargers that take longer.

    Oh and don’t worry if you like Porsche petrol sports cars. He also said: “We will have cars like the 911 R as well as digitisation and electrification.”

    Source: TopGear

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