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The Attraction to Medium Format

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Medium format camera has always been in the market since the dawn of digital cameras although it was in limited numbers unlike nowadays when it has been an obvious talk of the town. Medium format cameras offer an increase in resolution and print size, but there are other advantages that make it a unique tool in a photographer’s collection.

The biggest advantage with a medium format camera is its size which is 3-4 times the surface of a 35mm frame. Images produced from a medium format camera can be enlarged significantly without losing the image quality. This camera type also produces photos that look more natural as to what you would see in the real actual scenario.

Say you are taking a shot using a 6×7 medium format camera with a 50mm lens.

If you compare end result with that of an image taken with a 35mm camera or maybe a 50mm lens, you will notice the difference in the field of view (FOV).

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Even though the field of view is wider, the look of the 50mm focal length remains and you will not get that exaggerated perspective that wide angle lenses usually produce on 35mm cameras. A medium format camera imitates an image based on how you would actually see your surroundings. The subject remains flat and not stretched out. This effect is even more evident with large format 4×5, 5×8, or 8×10 film. Medium format cameras produce absolutely beautiful look by expanding the field of view.

If you plan to get into the medium format game, you can always start off with a $30 Holga or g for an expensive option like Hasselblad and Phase One. There are various options available that would fit your budget.


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