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We are very close to the wonderful moments of coming together and welcoming all the Formula One teams and organizers, our visitors, and our fans from around the world. We expect to achieve record-breaking numbers, as we have done over the past two decades, during this exceptional journey filled with excitement and entertainment, accomplishing unprecedented achievements.
Surely, these are unique moments.

Today, we are nothing but a group of efforts that may sometimes work behind the scenes, but they come together through operational excellence at all levels, promoting dynamism and positive thinking. We all eagerly look forward to continuing our hard work to bring success to our beloved kingdom of Bahrain.

We have pushed certain elements to the maximum, and in some cases, we have exceeded that. All of this aligns with our approach and exactly what we strive to achieve in developing this landmark to the best possible level. We adhere to our authentic identity, far from external pressures, believing that there is always a better way to do something, and we must always try to find it. The mind is like a field, and every idea we think of for a long time is like a watering process. We will only reap what we sow, whether they are negative or positive ideas. 

We have every right to be proud of ourselves and stand tall, never stopping the journey for the sake of hesitant passengers. We are the phase that will no be repeated, the destination that will not falter. We are great, and greatness is always accompanied by a smile. We have the right to lift our heads high and take pride in ourselves, believing and having full confidence in our strength. We are capable of achieving everything we desire and strive for with honesty, and integrity.

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There is no success in achieving goodness, truth, and righteousness in any matter except from God.

There is always hope. There is something beautiful worth waiting for….

Sarah Al-Hashimi
Bahrain International Circuit (BIC)

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