Yoga – Where

As promised, I am back with suggestions for where is the best place for you, to practice Yoga.

Ideally, the most important thing for choosing the spot for your Yoga practice is for it to be a clean, airy space. Now this spot could be a corner in your home, outdoors or at a Yoga Studio.

As a beginner, I’d recommend a Yoga Centre, under a seasoned, considerate teacher who can initiate you onto your Yoga journey. It’s always advisable to take a few classes at a Yoga Centre and then fly solo from then on! The right teacher can firm up your technique in the asana and breathing, which lays the foundation for your Yoga practice.

Another advantage of joining a Yoga Centre is the positive reinforcement and aid from the teacher and the other more experienced students. Having a closed group can be helpful in keeping you on schedule, not losing motivation or cheating on the practice, which believe me, happens easily!

Focus being a key factor in Yoga, many a times is almost impossible to achieve at home. Thus find that teacher and hit the mat!

Having said this, I fully advocate a home practice too. You could invest in some videos and books or else tune into YouTube for a beginner’s guide to home practice.

Set your schedule, fix a spot, tune in and just go! Choose an appropriate time, free of kids, doorbells and other distractions and report to your mat at the same time every day!

Till then, Namaste!

Neelanjana Bharadwaj – Yoga Expert