A Delicious Affair at Atayeb


A Delicious Affair

With a cooking style of its own, Atayeb Restaurant located in Janusan creates the buzz round the Kingdom. As Bahrain This Week visited this dining outlet, the brightly lit, clean and an ambient upstairs blew a breeze of refreshing thoughts in our minds, which is the best right before having a meal! Their cuisine involves Middle-Eastern, Chinese, Italian and Indian. Our Dish of the Week, ATAYEB’S STEAK, might leave you in a mind blowing state of mind. Ayateb’s Chef, who is our Chef of the Week too, MOHAMED GHASSEN BOUAICHA, instructed on how to cook this dish with a lot more convenience, at your home sweet home!


For the ingredients, you need:

Tenderloin beef 250gm
Ghee butter 50gm
Pif paf pastries 50gm  
Fresh mushroom 50gm
Balsamic vinegar 30ml
Spinach 50gm
Garlic 20gm
Asparagus 50gm
Cooking cream 30gm
Parmesan cheese 10gm