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Are You Cleaning Your Jade Roller?

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Jade roller has been a game-changer in the skincare routine. The stunning-looking paint-roller kind tool has many delightful benefits to offer. The soothing jade roller relaxes your skin, reduces the puffiness under your eyes, boost blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic drainage.

But, there is an aspect of jade rollers that we hardly consider. The answer to that is the jade roller is not as hygienic as you would like to think and you need to wash it clean. Our skin produces oil, suffers from clogged pores and is prone to bacterial infestation. Thus using the jade roller on the skin exposes it to a lot of hazards.

Here are two ways to clean the jade roller.

1) Before moving to the actual cleaning, use a dry cloth to wipe out any grime on the outer surface. Make a soap solution using lukewarm water, dip another soft cloth or towel in the solution and wipe the roller clean. After you are done, keep the roller on a dry cloth until it is completely dry.

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2) To deep cleanse the roller and ensure that is completely bacteria-free you can use rubbing alcohol. However, we would like to mention that using alcohol on the jade might damage it. Spray some rubbing alcohol on the jade roller and wipe it clean. Keep it on a dry cloth until it is completely dry.

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