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Crowne Plaza Bahrain Appoints Culinary Maestro Chef Carlo Cirone as New Executive Chef

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Crowne Plaza Bahrain is excited to announce the appointment of Chef Carlo Cirone as the new Executive Chef of its culinary team. With over 35 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Chef Carlo brings a wealth of culinary knowledge, creativity, and passion to the hotel’s dining experiences.

Originally from the beautiful city of Verona, Italy, Chef Carlo has a dual degree from the prestigious Hotel Catering Carlo Anti located at Garda Lake. He has also earned a HACCAP certification, demonstrating his commitment to safety and quality in food preparation. Chef Carlo’s culinary journey started in the front of the house, but he quickly discovered his love for cooking, and has worked in various positions in the back of the house, including as a line cook, consultant, and outlet head chef.

As the Executive Chef of Gulf Hotel Bahrain, Chef Carlo led the culinary team for several years and earned a reputation for his innovative and creative approach to cooking. Chef Carlo’s passion for cooking stems from his commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients to create simple but flavorful dishes.

Crowne Plaza Bahrain is delighted to welcome Chef Carlo to its culinary team as Executive Chef, and is proud to note that his move from The Gulf Hotel to Crowne Plaza Bahrain was an internal transfer within the Gulf Hotels Group, which operates Crowne Plaza Bahrain as a franchise property.

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“I am thrilled to join the team at Crowne Plaza Bahrain and lead the culinary team as the new Executive Chef,” said Chef Carlo. “I look forward to creating unique dining experiences for our guests and showcasing my personal style of cooking.”

As the Executive Chef of Crowne Plaza Bahrain, Chef Carlo will oversee the hotel’s culinary operations, including its restaurants, banqueting and outdoor catering services, and in-room dining. He will work closely with the hotel’s team of talented chefs to develop new menus and concepts that highlight his personal style of cooking, which combines traditional techniques with modern twists.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Chef Carlo before at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain, and I am confident in the quality he brings to the table. His appointment is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences for our guests.” said Mr. Charbel Hanna, the General Manager of Crowne Plaza Bahrain. ” We look forward to seeing him bring his expertise to our theme nights like Carnivore Night, Seafood Night, Sushi Night and our popular Friday Brunch. Additionally, we are excited to raise the food standards in our restaurants as well.”

Crowne Plaza Bahrain invites guests to come and experience Chef Carlo’s culinary creations, inspired by his innovative approach to cooking. Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a large banquet, the hotel’s culinary team is ready to create a memorable dining experience for every guest.

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