Dates Delight: Representation of Authentic Arabian Hospitality


Established in 2018 in Hidd, Dates Delight introduces a special feeling representing authentic Arabian hospitality.

The company was conceptualized by the wife of Mohammad Al Ashek, the owner and he made the dream come true for his wife along with his Saudi partner. Mohammad Al Ashek believes that it is special as dates are blessed fruits that he will treasure, making it the most innovative dessert that people will never forget.

Dates Delight offers the finest types of dates, with the addition of aesthetic specialities that reflect the sophistication and well-being. All within the framework of the art and simplicity that enable them to provide the service of the highest quality and the most beautiful forms in a cost effective way to the  customers and fans of their products.

It offers premium stuffed dates with a touch of add-ons that give them a unique taste. The luxurious fillings offer a unique and wonderful experience for dates and coffee lovers.

Dates Delight always strives to innovate the dates in a new natural suit, distinctive shape and taste. Good dates are everywhere but dates of high quality are what make them satisfied among the customers. They do not offer the best but the very best.

For the stuffed dates, Date Delight offers Lotus, Oreo, Pistachio, Almond, Walnut, Sesame, Hazelnut, Coffee, Chocolate and Cornflakes varieties. In Plain dates they offer Sagai, Sukhari, Rhutap, Majdool, Mabroom, Galaxy and Khalas Varieties.

Since the beginning, Dates Delight is proudly participating well in the market as supplier with hotels, corporate, events such as exhibitions, wedding and more.

Dates Delight aims not just to sell variety of dates but rather extends to create a unique experience of dates to enjoy.

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