Known for being one of Bahrain’s oldest Italian eateries, La Pergola, located at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain offers a fantastic Italian ambience with a vaulted roof and striking wall murals depicting scenes from ancient Rome.Dishes are rustic with an emphasis on authentic and regional specialities. Bahrain This Week visited this intimate restaurant,and met up with Chef Enrico Morselli. Our Chef of the Week taught us the true Italian style of cooking by whipping up our Dish of the Week, Involtini Pi Pesce Spada Alla Siciliana (Sicilian Style Sword Fish Roulade).

Definitely sounds difficult but worry not!

The ingredients are (serving for 4):
8 thin slices of sword fish
2 fillet of anchovies
25 g raisin
25 g pine nuts
20 g pecorino cheese
30 g onion
20 g parsley
The juice of 1 orange
70 g bread crumb
100 ml olive oil
Salt and black pepper
200 g carrots
200 g celery
200 g zucchini
100 g cherry tomatoes
8 bay leaves