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Edamah announced the renovation of Reef Mall in Malkiya

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Edamah has announced comprehensive renovation activities for Reef Mall in Malkiya, including a full schedule for its rollout.

The refurbishment will include visual enhancements, such as repainting of walls and the addition of a wall cladding system, replacement of the floor tiles, and renovation of the ceilings. It will also encompass upgrades to safety systems such as replacement of the CCTV system, fire alarm system, and the installation of a new firefighting sprinkler system. All facilities are set to be renovated, and new lighting and air conditioning will be installed.

Reef Mall renovation

As part of its commitment to serving local communities, Edamah notes that the renovation will enhance the mall’s appearance and create a more comfortable customer experience for people living in Malkiya and its surrounding areas. It will elevate Reef Mall as a shopping destination, with greater focus on safe, supervised, children’s activities.

Launched in 2010, Reef Mall was built on an area of 45,000 sqm and includes a range of retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, children’s play areas, and ample parking.

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