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Engineering students from Bahrain Polytechnic created the first-ever solar-powered cart

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A team of third-year Mechanical Engineering Students at Bahrain Polytechnic designed and manufactured a groundbreaking 4-seater golf cart, powered by solar energy, under the supervision and guidance of their tutor supervised by Dr. Ahmed Abdulrhman and Mr. Syed Imam. Dr. Ahmed is a programme manager of Mechanical Engineering and Assistant Professor; Syed Imam is a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. The golf cart was recently showcased and test-driven on campus by the Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin, Chief Executive Officer; Professor Christina Georgantopoulou, Dean of the EDICT faculty; and several faculty members and students.

This project represents the significant skills of Bahrain Polytechnic’s Mechanical Engineering students. The solar-powered electric cart is equipped with solar panels, strategically placed on the vehicle’s roof, allowing it to capture and convert sunlight into clean renewable energy enabling rapid charging. The cart can run up to a maximum speed of 30 km/h. The students worked diligently to ensure the cart’s design is safe, sustainable, aesthetical, cost effective and environmentally friendly, therefore, plastic PVC pipes were utilized in the chassis design.

During the test drive, Professor Ciarán ÓCatháin, Chief Executive Officer and Professor Christina Georgantopoulou Dean of the EDICT faculty, experienced the cart’s impressive performance firsthand. The vehicle exhibited exceptional performance and stability, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride. Not only does this electric cart offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional vehicles, but it also delivers a dynamic driving experience.

Professor Ciarán Ó Catháin praised the students’ innovation, stated: “We are proud to announce that the solar-powered cart will soon be certified for internal use within the campus. This will provide an excellent opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to embrace sustainable transportation options with less cost”.

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The CEO added that Bahrain Polytechnic continues to foster a culture of sustainable development and inspire its students to lead the way in renewable energy technologies. The successful completion of this solar-powered electric cart project serves as a testament to the institution’s dedication to experiential learning and academic excellence.

Professor Ó Catháin congratulated the supervising tutor, Dr. Ahmed, and the third year Mechanical students’ team who poured their passion and expertise into this project, indicating that their commitment to innovation and sustainability is truly commendable, and their efforts have undoubtedly set a new standard for excellence within our institution.

The CEO also thanked the EDICT Dean; the Head of Engineering School and the teaching team of the Mechanical Project course (Mr. Syed Imam, Dr. Sateesh and Dr. Muhammad Ilham) for their continuous support.

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