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First Motors’ Hyundai Service Guide App

First Motors’ Hyundai Service Guide App Well-Received by Customers

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First Motors, the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has obtained a positive response on their newly launched Hyundai Service Guide App, which was successfully introduced in Africa and the Middle East last year and has since been gaining thriving momentum through its widespread use within the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Hyundai Service Guide Application is a free App which enables customers to gain fast and easy access to one of the world’s biggest automotive manufacturer’s services on the go. The new user-friendly App enhances the connectivity between the supplier and customer, as waiting time is drastically reduced, and other affairs can be managed throughout the App such as access to vehicle service history, maintenance schedule, online service appointments, service call reminders as well as online test drive bookings. It has also gained popular response through its unique feature that explains the meanings of the various warning indicators on the vehicles’ dashboard, in addition to the latest information on each and every model.

The Head of Marketing, Mr. Bibhudendu Pattanaik commented on the popularity of the App, saying: “It is part of Hyundai’s ongoing commitment to enhance its customer-oriented services and launch state-of-the-art technologies for the ultimate driving experience. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our most innovative outreach towards them and we hope that more of our clients will download the App on the Play Store or App Store to connect to the services that Hyundai offers, hence making our brand more accessible and technologically advanced.”

Waiting time is drastically reduced
The New User-Friendly App

Once downloaded via the Play Store or App Store on Android and IOS, the Service Guide App allows users to take advantage of a whole host of helpful services at the touch of a button. As a leader of technological advancements in the market, Hyundai’s Service Guide App alerts its users of required vehicle checks whilst providing up to date model information. This App also increases the transparency in its services by providing an opportunity to the users to give feedback regarding the distributor and the performed services. Additional offerings include dealer location services, road side assistance, direct service centre contact and an owner’s manual in addition to enabling optimized management of vehicles through a maintenance function.

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First Motors, part of Al Zayani Investments group, is fully committed to demonstrating to the Bahrain market that Hyundai is the brand that represents unique value for money without compromise. Their confidence in Hyundai is demonstrated through their sensational Lifetime Warranty that is offered on the entire range of Hyundai passenger vehicles.

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