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The growth of the tourism sector relies heavily on international tourists

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Mr. Ali Amralla, the CEO of “Visit Bahrain,” a leading destination management company in Bahrain, emphasized the company’s strong commitment to attracting a larger number of international tourists to Bahrain in the upcoming winter tourist season.

Mr. Amralla highlighted the company’s current expansion efforts in the Eastern European markets, specifically targeting the Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovenia. Additionally, he mentioned the successful implementation of promotional programs that have attracted 6,500 German tourists and 7,000 Slovak tourists. Furthermore, “Visit Bahrain” has secured international agreements with tourism and travel agents worldwide, resulting in the influx of 28,000 European tourists, particularly from Germany, Russia, and Britain.

In relation to international reports, it has been established by Mr. Amralla that the Bahraini tourism sector has experienced significant growth indicators. These reports indicate that the recovery of the Kingdom’s tourism during 2022 surpassed earlier expectations and continues to show positive projections for the ongoing year, 2023. He emphasized that these improved tourism indicators play a pivotal role in attracting investments to the sector and in directing strategic plans to enhance its performance and bolster its competitiveness in the global tourist market.

As per Mr. Amralla’s explanation, the continuous growth and positive indicators in the Bahraini tourism sector serve as encouraging signs that support the ambitious vision of “Visit Bahrain.” The vision aims to position tourism as a crucial sector by enhancing tourism infrastructure, creating unique tourism products and services, and implementing effective marketing and promotion strategies to showcase Bahrain’s tourist destinations on the international stage. The ultimate goal is to activate the tourism sector and establish Bahrain as an ideal and sought-after tourist destination.

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“As the CEO of ‘Visit Bahrain,’ I want to emphasize the vital role that private tourism establishments play in promoting Bahraini tourism activities and potential. These establishments have been instrumental in doubling the influx of tourists from abroad and building upon the remarkable achievements and successes our tourism sector has experienced over the years. Our company actively engages in meetings and promotional events with various stakeholders in the tourism sector, including hotel managers, travel agents, tour operators, and event organizers worldwide. Through these collaborative endeavors, ‘Visit Bahrain’ seeks to expand further in foreign markets and elevate the standards of the Bahraini tourism sector.” Mr. Amralla concluded.

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