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HOMIEZ – An Innovative and Comprehensive e-commerce platform in the Kingdom

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With the rapid paradigm shift to e-commerce and the increased demand for online shopping and servicing, HOMIEZ was created to satisfy the needs of both vendors and consumers by offering an effective online marketplace. HOMIEZ is an innovative, comprehensive e-commerce platform established in 2018. It focuses on vendor visibility and offers easy access to various services and products within the same reach.

HOMIEZ aims to enable and empower local vendors, thus, providing an opportunity for them to showcase and sell their products and/or services and become more recognized in the local and regional market. It also allows vendors to gain affordable e-commerce presence with rich features and robust business process extensions, supported by a strong e-commerce ecosystem.

HOMIEZ further facilitates swift engagement between consumers and vendors by allowing vendors to promote and sell their business to a wider segment, which in return, connects consumers to multiple vendors offering a variety of goods and/or services.

Many vendors who have joined HOMIEZ utilized the advantages of e-commerce and enjoyed the many services that HOMIEZ facilitates. At present, HOMIEZ services 100 active vendors and the list is expanding rapidly.

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HOMIEZ has also provided both vendors and consumers with a new experience, which was the launch of the online bazaar for 3 days starting the 8th of July 2019, the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The e-bazaar exposed consumers to various trusted vendors with diverse products alongside numerous offers and promotions, all within one platform. It enhanced customer-vendor relations by connecting customers to their favourite stores through online shopping and improving customer reach out through vendor online expansion.

HOMIEZ’s current category list, which is subject to expansion, includes: Electronics, Fashion & Beauty, Mobile & Tablets, Babies & Kids, Supermarket, Home & Outdoor, Occasions, Pharmacy, Services, Automotive and Gaming & Stationary.

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