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International Falcon Breeders Auction in Riyadh

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Rare falcons from Siberia were top of the pecking order at the International Falcon Breeders Auction in Riyadh. Attracting participation from leading international falcon breeding farms, the auction at the headquarters of the Saudi Falcons Club in Malham, about 80 km north of Riyadh, ended on August 25.

Falconer Soliman Al Dahas, owner of Al-Dahas Falcon Farm, said that racing falcons sold at the auction are rare breeds preferred by falconers for their speed and beauty.

The farm sold a rare black Hur falcon, bred from parents living in the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia, he said. Al-Dahas set up the farm in 2020 to breed racing falcons.

Special genetic compositions produce birds characterised by strength, high levels of focus, and the ability to pounce on prey.

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Several pairs of falcons from the farm have also won Mazayen beauty pageants at the King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival, said Al Dahas. Genetic compositions focus on colour, appearance, weight and other desirable traits favoured by falconers, he added.

Meanwhile, a pure gyrfalcon from a Canadian farm made its first appearance at the auction, where it was offered for sale at SR15,000 ($4,000) and eventually sold for SR45,000.

A shaheen falcon from an Austrian farm also listed for sale was bought for SR30,000, while a Qarmousha falcon from a British farm was bought for SR25,000.

The auction has become a key marketplace for both local and international falcon breeding farms and offers business opportunities to professional falconers by showcasing a selection of elite breeds.

It also contributes to preserving and enhancing the heritage and traditions of falconry in Saudi Arabia andsupports breeding farms and their efforts to enhance Saudi Arabia’s position as a global destination for falconers.

During the previous two editions, the event recorded sales of more than SR10 million through the auction of more than 800 falcons. The club showcases top auctioned falcons, with participants competing live on TV and social media, while selected falcons are announced before each auction night.

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