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Mental Health in Yoga

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In Yoga equal, if not more, importance is given to mental health as is to physical health. A person who is mentally healthy is considered to be a ‘stitha prajna’ or contended, calm and firm in judgment. His qualities are innumerable and a few of those include the following:-

– Danam ( charity)

– Tapa ( disciplined life)

– Their acaapalam ( modesty)

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– Saucham ( cleanliness of body and mind)

– Akrodhah ( freedom from anger)

– Maardavam (gentleness)

– Ahimsa (non-violence)

– Satan (truthfulness)

– Tyagah ( spirit of renunciation)

– Shanti (tranquility)

– Svadhyay (self analysis)

– Yana (spirit of sacrifice)

Most of the above qualities enhance the personality of an individual and the practice of yoga helps one to master themselves physically and mentally. Yoga is a mindful practice which works on a person’s physical and mental health helping them overcome all obstacles that come in the way of their spiritual development.

A balanced, concentrated mind is already spiritual in nature as it remains equanimous through all situations and this is the real aim of Yoga.

The concepts of yoga related to diseases and health help people to know that the root cause of physical disorders starts from the seeds in the mind. The disturbed mind (Adhi) causes the physical diseases (vyadhi). The origination of psychosomatic diseases can be traced back to emotional and mental pressure patterns as one pays attention to a person’s physical history.

Thus keeping the mental health in check has a direct effect on one’s physical health! Yogic practices work on both mental and physical health thus working on the complete well being of a person.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj

Yoga Expert


Instagram: – yoga_me_and_more

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