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Pillars of Sustainability

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Sustainability is the study of how natural systems function, remain diverse and produce everything it needs for the ecology in order to maintainn balance. It also acknowledges that human civilisation takes resources to sustain these for the next generations.

We now live in a modern, consumerist and largely urban existence throughout the developed world and we consume a lot of natural resources every day.

The three pillars of sustainability:

Economic Development : This is the issue that proves the most problematic as most people disagree on political ideology, issues that are or aren’t economically sound, and how these factors affect businesses, jobs and employment rate.

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Social Development: This is a
multi-faceted pillar that mainly focuses on the protection of people’s health from pollution and other harmful activities that result from several business activities.

Environmental Protection: We all know what we need to do to protect the environment. This can be done by inspiring and implementing the practice of recycling, being responsible in reducing our power consumption, or even by avoiding the use of public transportation whenever it is possible to walk instead.

In an effort to further highlight this topic, EWA has announced the extension of its “Sustainable Bahrain” contest. The extended deadline is on the night of October 2.The five shortlisted entries will be announced on October 3, and will be published on the ActNow Instagram platform (@actnowbahrain), where followers will be asked to vote for them. The votes will then be gathered and tabulated, and the three grand winners will be announced on the same Instagram page on October 8.

For more information about the contest and to participate with your own artwork, please visit the campaign’s official website: www.actnowbh.org

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