Prawns, Mushroom and lots more at Magic Wok!

Chef Marvin Flores teaches us how to cook Prawn Double Mushroom in hot bean sauce.


Magic Wok Restaurant is the pioneer of Superb food thats located in Juffair. This is a relaxed and calm place decorated with warm simplicity, which provides a decent dining experience for the diners. This week, we have Chef marvin Flores, our chef of the week who will teach us how to cook our Dish of the Week, which is, Prawn Double Mushroom in hot bean sauce Recipe. 

Let’s get the ingredients and start cooking
Marinated Shrimp : 85 gm
Cooking Oil : 28 gm
Garlic : 6 gm
Red onion : 25 gm
Red, Yellow & Green Pepper mix : 35 gm
Black Mushroom : 15 gm
Fresh Mushroom : 20 gm
Cooking Sauce : 7 oz
Black bean : 6 gm
Corn flour : 25 gm
Spring Onion : 15 gm