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Researcher at AGU Explored Social & Technical Factors of Innovation in Smart Classrooms

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Researcher / Aisha Muhammad Al-Foudry, Department of Innovation & Technology Management, Faculty of Graduate Studies at AGU. In her PhD study recommended conducting more future research in field of design, including serves continuity, stability or improvement of infrastructure efficiency, modeling language of smart classroom.

Research “Exploring the Social and Technical Factors of Innovation in Smart Classrooms”. Aimed to explore the socio-technical features that affect smart classes, from viewpoint of professors of higher education in universities of GCC countries. Using descriptive, analytical, and mixed survey approach, on a sample of (31) interviewed professors, and (387) participants in the questionnaire prepared by professors of higher education in GCC.

Al-Foudary collected data using a systematic review of previous studies, semi-structured interviews and questionnaires. Using ATLAS.ti program to analyze qualitative data and SPSS program to quantitative data analysis. Results showed that inclusion of quality in smart classroom system and them serving is essential.

She said, “These transformations require a joint evaluation of technical and social aspects of smart classrooms to improve quality of teaching and learning. Ensuring tasks parallelism with tools is among the necessary things for harmony with the context of innovative smart classroom”. Providing this type of innovation requires training and technical support, and educational decision-makers must take into account when adopting innovative smart classroom.

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Aimed to review the literature on social and technological factors for smart classrooms, find out the views of higher education professors, on social & technological factors that affect the innovation of smart classrooms, identifying the challenges that affect smart classroom to innovate in GCC countries. Disclosure of the impact of smart classroom factors on intentions to continue innovating of smart classrooms, from perspective of higher education professors in GCC countries, to improve higher education in GCC countries.

Research supervised by Dr. Fayrouz Muhammad Al-Damour, Professor of Management Information Systems. Panel discussion consisted of Dr. Macmillan Onemujijaku Dorugbo, Associate Professor of Supply Chain and Service Innovation. Dr. Al-Ajab Muhammad Al-Ajab, Professor of Educational Technology and Distance Learning.

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