Friday, November 26, 2021

    Unique and Specialised Rehabilitation Center Soon in Bahrain

    Preparations are underway for a unique and dedicated rehabilitation center, Delmon Rehab, presenting it services to patients in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the GCC. This will be a fully equipped rehabilitation hospital dedicated to meet the needs of post-stroke, post-trauma, post-surgery patients that require specialized care to cater for their recovery and health needs.

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    Head of the Steering Committee of Delmon Rehab Mr. Mahmood Alsoofi, stated that, “Delmon Rehab will be a top of the line dedicated rehabilitation center, both in terms of patient care and facilities, with the initial investment at USD10m.  We will be opening in multiple phases.  The first phase will provide dedicated services for patients requiring home nursing and rehabilitation.  The second phase will be 25 suites for inpatient care including physical therapy, round the clock nursing care, wellness facilities, physical therapy and specialized gyms.”

    Consultant Neurologist Dr. Farzana Abdul Karim Alsayed said, “There is an acute need in Bahrain for dedicated rehabilitation services, such as post-operative and for long term health needs.  The hospitals in Bahrain currently cater for acute care, but there is a need for continuous and post-operative care.  This is much needed in terms of patient recovery and well-being.  There is a lot of pressure on the families to provide and find that care, which can be stressful.  This will fill a gap in the market, and support the patients, the family and the doctors on the path to recovery.”

    Dr. Farzana added, “The incidence of stroke is rising, and has nearly doubled within the last two decades in Bahrain. This is alarming, and needs to be addressed immediately in order to manage the burden of the disease with better health outcomes.  Introducing inpatient rehabilitation and other effective rehabilitation services helps in significant ways.”

    Point Advisory Group has been appointed as the PMO Advisor of the project.  Mr. Imad Bokhari, the Managing Director of Point Advisory Group said, “We are bringing to the project our regional experience in the healthcare sector focusing on similar projects.  We already have a dedicated program management office in Bahrain in charge of implementation.”

    He added, “Inpatient rehabilitation is seen as an essential part of therapy in modern continuum of care. Unfortunately, something which has not been given significant attention in the past in the Middle East, especially in Bahrain.  Some other countries in the region, namely UAE and Saudi Arabia, have started to invest in inpatient rehabilitation.”

    “Benefits for such services are numerous including significantly improved recovery especially for patients who have had stroke, major trauma and other debilitating conditions.  Moreover, the benefits are also a significantly reduced cost of care as compared to inpatient at a hospital.

    The Steering Committee members include HE Abdulnabi Al Shoala, Mr. Mishal Al Shoala representing Al Fanar Investment Holding Co., Stefan Moench representing E.K.Kanoo, Mr. Talal Al Zain, Mr. Mahmood Al Soofi, and Dr. Omar Ebrahim Sharif.

    There is a dedicated Medical Advisory Group of doctors, therapists and medical professionals also on board.

    HE Abdulnabi Al Shoala, the founder and advisor to the board of AlFanar Investment Holding Co., said, “We would like to thank the Ministry of Health, and the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) for their support and cooperation.  We are working closely with the authorities to ensure that Delmon Rehab meets the needs of patients in the Kingdom of Bahrain and neighbouring GCC Countries.”

    Delmon Rehab is also in line with Bahrain’s government policies in encouraging and supporting the private sector role in developing healthcare facilities for the country.

    Mr. Alsoofi added, “Delmon Rehab will mobilize a para medical team to provide rehabilitation care and services to those who needs them at home as a first step.  We are recruiting highly trained medical care professionals who will be equipped with mobile facilities for full patient care.  We envisage doubling the inpatient capacity of the centre in the second phase, and will be able to provide specialized care for patients from the GCC countries as well.”

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