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When Wearables and Fashion Collide

Fitness trackers, smart jewelry and smart watches are today’s style statements

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Today it’s all about taking selfies, tracking fitness and connecting with friends and followers across all social media platforms – this is life in the sharing economy. With the emergence and popularity of wearable technology, it was only a matter of time before technology and fashion collided – making them powerful style statements today.

While there have been collaborations between fashion houses and smartphones to create stylish designs, it is the emergence of wearable technology that has truly inspired the market. The fashion industry dictates trends, and its interest in wearable fashion will catapult it to the top of style wish lists around the world in 2016.

Not convinced? The transformation is already underway. Beauty brand L’Oréal has just announced My UV Patch, a wearable sensor that links with your phone to help you monitor tell you how much exposure to the sun your skin is getting. Last year, Diane von Furstenberg created fashionable frames for Google Glass, while Ralph Lauren launched PoloTech, its wearable tech shirt. Other fashion houses such as Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff have also jumped on the wearables bandwagon by incorporating technology into their products.

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Today’s wearable technology is moving away from looking like a gadget – according to Gartner, 30% of smart wearables will be inconspicuous to the eye by 2017. Trendsetters today are looking for devices that complement their overall style and enable them maintain their authenticity.

One such device, the Samsung Gear S2, has two very different but equally stylish designs – one for those with a sportier aesthetic and another more classic look that fits into the everyday style of both men and women. And with just one pop of the pin, the 20mm standard watch strap, can be changed to match any style Elegant editions of the Gear S2 classic, one encased in 18K Rose Gold and another in Platinum, offer even more choice when it comes to personal design appeal.

Wearable technology is becoming even more important for fashion. While adoption may have been slow, it’s expected to pick up rapidly over the next few years, no doubt becoming a style staple for many in 2016. If you consider yourself a fashion savvy trend setter, or a gadget geek upgrading your wardrobe, you should be integrating wearable technology into your everyday wear this 2016.

The convergence of wearable technology and fashion will see the emergence of a brand new style and communication. However, this convergence has just begun and we can’t wait to see where it will take us to next.

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