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A winning pitch – codot

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Beyond a freelancing platform, codot is a marketplace that connects talented freelancers in the region with a diverse range of clients, both locally and globally. Whether you’re a designer, writer, or developer, codot provides a space where you can showcase your skills, access exciting projects, and build your reputation as a top-tier freelancer. With codot, you can take control of your career and unlock your full potential.

The young Bahraini entrepreneur Othman AlKooheji, the brain behind the project, described his team as one that has set forth to “create the ultimate platform for efficiently and effectively connecting freelancers and clients”.

“We link skilled individuals seeking opportunities to those with projects that need completing,” Mr AlKooheji, codot founder and chief product officer, told Bahrain This Week.

“It is a freelancing platform that aims to connect freelancers in the region with both regional and global clients. The main inspiration came after seeing the amazing talent in Bahrain and in the region and seeing that they are not getting the exposure that they deserve. So we set a mission for ourselves to help get Bahraini talent the exposure they deserve!”

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The concept of codot initially started as an idea at the beginning of 2020, and within two years it was a full-fledged operating platform. According to Mr AlKooheji as in any other startup, codot too has had its share of challenges, both in its development as well as in the post-development phases.

“But, the important thing is to keep working hard, to make it a success story,” stressed the 23-year-old. “Codot is different from other similar start-ups in the market in the way we think – our focus is on increasing the exposure of both local and regional freelancers and project seeking clients. Codot also regularly enhances its technology with tools that assist freelancers in managing their daily work and projects, which is one of the key things that sets us apart from other platforms. Our aim is to connect the freelancers in the region with regional and global clients and to help increase their exposure and their chance to find projects to work on.”

The codot team is confident as they are working into the future and isreassured that there are several ideas in the pipeline that they are focusing on.

“Our faith in the region’s freelancers has always been high, and we are certain of the high calibre in the market that has yet to be discovered,” said Mr AlKooheji.
“We have many ideas, and we are working on them; you will see them on codot at the right time.”

codot takes home the grand prize

Codot won first prize at the initial edition of the StartUp Bahrain pitch competition, supported by Tamkeen, the Economic Development Board, the Industry and Commerce Ministry, and the Bahrain Development Bank. The pitch serves as a venue for aspiring Bahraini entrepreneurs to introduce their project to the public. “My advice to other entrepreneurs will be to never give up and always work hard to achieve your dreams,” said Mr AlKooheji, who expressed his happiness at winning the competition. “The Startup Bahrain Pitch Initiative was a great event and helped us out in many ways, including amazing exposure for codot.

“I think startups as an industry have an amazing future in the region, especially in Bahrain and the neighbouring countries.”

Those who are interested – clients or freelancers – can sign up for a login account on their website, www.codot.me.

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