Monday, August 26, 2019

Yoga for teenagers By Neelanjana Bharadwaj

Teenagers are generally a confused lot as neither are they kids anymore and neither are they adults. In fact with the hormones raging they are confused, stressed and perhaps sometimes even imbalanced in making decisions and choosing the right from wrong. These few years can be quite turbulent as neither the mind nor bodies are fully developed but they want to believe that they are and hence they oppose the normal rules and standards laid out by the adults around them. In this process, due to the lack of judgment and a balanced approach they take hasty and sometimes wrong decisions and hence land themselves into trouble.

As per Sage Patanjali in the yogasutras the practice of yoga helps to get rid of the fluctuations of the mind so it slows down the severe mental loops of frustration, anger, desire, fear, anxiety etc which are great contributors in building up stress.

Stress is one of the major causes of physical diseases at any age and so if teenagers learn early on in life how to relax and calm their mind, they are likely to lead happier and more productive lives.

Yoga being an ancient science, its practice holds great relevance especially in today’s age. For its numerous benefits it is highly recommended for the teens in this day and age.

These days there are innumerable distractions for teens in the form of technology, devices and peer pressure. Due to the massive connectivity there is immense pressure on the younger generation,  specially the teens as they constantly remain connected online and sort of loose connection with the world around them. In fact it is a very stressful time for teens to grow up in.

Science has shown the benefits of deep sleep which is one of the side effects of yoga practice. Deep sleep translates into healthier bodies and increased energy for growing teens.

Yoga helps in several ways:-

l Improves flexibility

l Builds muscles

l Improves posture

l Enhances focus

l Brings calmest and stability.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj

Yoga Expert

[email protected]

Instagram: – yoga_me_and_more


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