Zain Bahrain implements support measures in response to COVID-19

Zain Bahrain Measures and Response for COVID-19
Mr. Duncan Howard, Zain Bahrain CEO

Zain Bahrain, a leading telecoms operator in the Kingdom, has implemented a series of precautionary measures to protect both its customers and employees during the current COVID-19 novel coronavirus outbreak. These actions are taken as part of national efforts to ensure people’s safety and support the government guidelines in these uniquely challenging circumstances.

To safeguard the health and wellbeing of Zain employees, Zain Bahrain has established internal committees to ensure all necessary measures are taken to protect against COVID-19 inside Zain’s headquarter building and branches. These include performing fundamental preventive sanitisation activities, assigning a dedicated nurse 24/7 at the headquarters for the whole week to check employee’s and visitor’s temperature on arrival; postponing all training and business missions abroad, and circulated instructions and ‘Stay Safe’ advice from the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation.

Zain Bahrain has also implemented a smart working system where the majority of employees are working from home remotely as response in accordance with the business continuity plan and replacing large face to face meetings with virtual meeting instead. Further to the above, the company has urged all pregnant females, mothers, employees with critical health cases and employees above 60 years old to work from home.

In addition, Zain Bahrain was the first telecom company to offer free access to online educational platforms to students in Bahrain, where data will not be deducted from their monthly home broadband packages. This initiative comes in line with Zain’s continuous efforts to support the local community and to facilitate access to distance learning programmes initiated as a result of nationwide closure of educational premises in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Duncan Howard, Zain Bahrain CEO commented, “Zain Bahrain want their employees and customers to feel reassured during this unprecedented situation, therefore we have implemented many support measures in response to Covid-19. We are also proud to support the community and fully support the many proactive preventative actions in the fight against coronavirus that the Kingdom of Bahrain has taken.”

He added, “Zain Bahrain has increased sanitization activities in our headquarters and our Retail branches. All Zain technicians visiting customers in their homes have been provided with hand sanitizer, masks and gloves to use where appropriate. We also have developed many digital channels such as Zain App; E-shop and Z-bot for customers to interact with us digitally to manage their account from the comfort of their own home. We fully understand the importance of continuing to be the reliable network that our customers depend on every day.”

Those preventative measures were implemented to ensure the wellbeing of Zain Bahrain employees and customers in support with the actions taken by the leadership of the Kingdom.

Zain Bahrain would also like to thank Team Bahrain and all the government authorities for their ongoing hard work to ensure the safety of everyone and to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in the Kingdom.