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9 Beauty Hazards People with Oily Skin should Never Commit

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Continuing: Using Facial Skin Cleanser

A lot of these cleansers cause excessive dryness and are considered to produce sebum on the surface of the face. Use a mild or light liquid face cleansers are considered to be suitable for oily skin.

Using oil-based cosmetics

If you have oily, acne-prone skin, the use of oil-based make-up items can create an oily sheen on the surface and make it appear sticky. Using the wrong type of facial moisturizer can affect your skin’s appearance, leave it extremely greasy, and lead to unsightly acne breakouts. The silicone-based moisturizers contain oil absorbent compounds that can abate unwanted greasiness and shine.

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Using oil-in-water cream sunscreen

The most commonly used type of sunscreens features oil-in-water formulation. They cause excess greasiness and instead of using oil-in-water sunscreen, it is best for people with oily pores to either use a spray or gel-based sunscreen.

Not paying attention to hydration

Not paying attention to hydration can prove to be terrible for people with oily skin type. To make up for the lack of moisture, your skin may start overproducing sebum which may cause excessive greasiness.

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