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A Yogic Mind

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In continuation to my thought from last week I reiterate the fact that a true yogi is one who has not just a healthy body but more essentially a healthy mind.

Just like if there is a beautiful vessel but the contents within are stale, pungent or rotten, eventually the vessels will also disintegrate as it will either imbibe the stale and pungent smells or even erode from within.

Similarly a regular and authentic yogic practice is work from inside out. If one only concentrates on the physical practice of yoga ie asana practice it will ensure a beautifully functional body from inside out. But the real essence of one’s practice is in working on the mind so it remains in our control every moment. Obviously this is hard work as our mind fluctuates immensely and gets disturbed, agitated, stressed and even elated very frequently. The practice of yoga aids in having an equanimous mind in every situation.

Gaining control over one’s
body then breath and through that over the mind is the learning
from yoga. One needs to understand that every situation is temporary and hence should be treated like that. Allowing ourselves to get too carried away with either sadness or happiness will only lead to more and more attachments thus causing the mind to be agitated.

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Taking each day at a time and handling each situation as it comes our way is the trick to having a peaceful, clear mind. A yogic mind remains undisturbed under stress or pain. It also remains calm during the happy times as it is aware that all situations just come and and go so there is no significant gain or loss in either of the situations.

Work towards having a balanced, yogic mind so life becomes an easy ride instead of a stressful journey!


Neelanjana Bharadwaj

Yoga Expert


Instagram: – yoga_me_and_more

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